Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

Take a peek at our week! We have done a lot of apple science and activities this week! We made predictions to what would happen to apples when they were left out, and learned a big word–oxidation. We tasted apples, graphed our favorite one, and discussed what we noticed on our class graph. Lastly, we made some beautiful apple window decorations using contact paper, tissue squares, and construction paper. During Art class today I prepped the contact paper & set things up so it would be ready for the class when they got back! I think they turned out awesome–the class did, too! When they came back from lunch and recess today they loved getting to find where I hung up their special apple! Next week we will have more apple fun by making applesauce, learning about Johnny Appleseed, making ‘erupting’ apples, & more. Check out all the pictures below to take a closer look! 

Also, feel free to comment or share the post with family or friends to spread the great things happening here at our school! 🙂


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