ABC ‘Bootcamp’ circle charts & How to Be a Good Friend

Since around the second week of school we have been working on a letter each day. This includes naming the letter and sound. Students share all the different people/animals/items/words they know that begin with that sound. For the vowels, I go over the short sound (like apple vs. ape), but accept any words that begin with the actual letter. Letters A-C & E are somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them–we did do them, I promise! The students then practice writing the capital & lowercase letters and colored pictures that begin with that letter. 🙂

During Social Studies, we have been working on Citizenship. This includes making good choices, why rules and laws are important, and how to be a good friend. The class helped me complete the chart after we went through different scenarios & how a good friend would react. Students also drew a picture of them being a good friend.




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