Apple Science, Word Work, Greater Than/Less Than, Community Helpers, & Rhyming Words!

It Has Been A Busy Month!

September is coming to an end, so I wanted to share some of what has been happening in our class! We explored to see if apples sink or float, used Smarties to make number comparisons–they loved both of these! We have also been working on ABC order and matching capitals and lowercase, discussing community helpers–last Thursday students made a craft/writing activity on what they want to be when they grow up. Check out the hallway–these are hanging outside our room! Student also have been working on rhyming words. In the pictures, students worked in table groups with three main “trees”. Each tree has a picture on it, and has three “leaves” that match. For example, one tree may have a picture of a fan. The rhyming leaves students would put on this tree would be a picture of a can, van, and man. This was a great activity for students to work together to complete!

Take a look and see for yourself all the fun we have been having while learning!


Mrs. Kuhn


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