April Happenings

April clip art.png

April Has Flown By in Kindergarten! 

Check out what we have been up to in our class!

In the afternoons, we’ve been working on many different topics! Some of them include: nouns, adjectives, verbs, weather, plants, and more!



During our unit on plants, students planted grass seeds, and conducted observations in a journal recording the growth in inches! Students named their plants, and also chose to give them “haircuts” before taking them home! 

This was a wonderful was to incorporate observations over time, and recording and comparing their results. They noticed that the grass grew at different rates, and depending on where they put the grass seeds, some only had grass on one side!


The last topics in our Math curriculum were about shapes! So to better learn about them, we created the 2D and 3D shapes using toothpicks and gum drops! This was an exciting way for students to work together to create different shapes!


Another lesson we have been working on is determining if a book we read or listen to is Fiction or Non-Fiction. Students worked in small groups to determine between two books which was Fiction, and which was Non-Fiction. They shared to the class by using evidence given on the anchor chart we went over. To introduce and explain the differences, I compared two books about weather: Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (Fiction), and a weather Non-Fiction book by National Geographic.

IMG_6478 (1)

Ask your child at home and see if they can determine if a book you read is Fiction or Non-Fiction! 🙂 

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