Adoration, Boats, & CVC Board Games!


Spending Time in His Presence

About once a month, Kindergarten gets the chance to experience Eucharistic Adoration with one of the 2nd grade classes. At this age, the concept of the Eucharist is still pretty complex to them, but it is still wonderful exposure for them. They take part in prayers led by the priest, which this week was Fr. Bennett. They also get a chance to answer questions about their faith and how they pray. 


Designing Boats

This week, we designed boats in groups. I told them and showed them what materials they could use to make their boats, and that they needed to design the boat to make it hold the most amount of coins. We talked about how whenever grownups build something, they first draw out a design of what it will look like first. After the groups designed it on paper, they came up to me and requested different types of materials and got to work creating their boats. 

Today, the students first made predictions on how many coins it would take for their group boats would hold before it began to sink. We went group by group, counting out coins, and then we compared our predictions to the actual answers. 

The students also got to name their boats. For example, the U.S.S. Coinboat, and The Lightning Ship. It was a great lesson to work on collaboration!


CVC Board Games

This week, to practice blending consonant-vowel-consonant words, we played CVC board games with paris.

Students roll a die, and move a counter so many spaces, and read the CVC word on the space. If they are correct, they get to move the counter to the spot. If not, they stay where they were. The winner is the one who gets to the end of the board first. This is great practice blending all types of CVC words (with middle /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, and /u/).


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