Dinosaurs, Baptism, Honoring Dr. MLK Jr., & Where We Live

What’s Been Happening in Kindergarten

We’ve been busy in Kindergarten, working on subtraction with Linus the Minus, and spending lots of time blending words, memorizing sight words, reading, and more! Here’s an overview of the past ~2 weeks! 🙂 

Growing Dinosaurs

If your child hasn’t told you about the growing, glowing dinosaurs, ask them! (Although I’m guessing they have—it was a BIG hit with all students!)

We used our observation skills to notice changes in the dinosaurs over the course of 3 days. Students got to name the dinosaurs as a group, and on the last day, they had the special treat of getting to see their dinosaur glow in the dark! We also looked up and found the real dinosaurs name for the group–dinosaurs is a big area of interest for this group!



Learning About Baptism

Our class learned about Baptism, and on the last day, we spent time performing pretend Baptisms in the class! The students all took it very seriously! Take a look at the ‘Priests’ and ‘moms’ Baptizing their ‘babies’! 🙂


Learning About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

To discuss Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we had an ‘egg’-cellent demonstration. I presented two eggs, and we discussed how they look very different on the outside. But, as I cracked the eggs for the students, they quickly understood that the eggs are the same on the inside. This led to a great discussion about how what is on the outside is not what matters, but what is on the inside. Students completed a sheet where they colored and drew the eggs before and after, and wrote that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted everyone to be treated equally.

“Me On The Map”


To bring the idea of maps a little closer to home for the students, we completed “Me on the Map” booklets. We started with the country, then the state, city, house number, street, and then our rooms! This was great practice for them learning their addresses and the name of the city that they live in Indiana! Have your child share with you this book (if they haven’t already).



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