Lego Building & Pumpkin Measuring!

Lego Building: Roll & Create

A fun group math lesson we did this week worked on reviewing counting and matching up that number of items. Students would take turns rolling a dice, and whatever number they rolled would be the number of legos they would add onto their groups piece. The groups created some pretty cool masterpieces!




Measuring Pumpkins

Wednesday this week we worked on measuring our pumpkins using cubes. In groups, we measured the height and circumference of the pumpkin. (They were also told that circumference means measuring how round the pumpkin is. Students at this age love using big words!) It was a great lesson to integrate math in counting and comparing data. Our class decided we have a little pumpkin family in our classroom now with the different sizes! šŸ™‚

Measuring the circumference of the pumpkin really stretched their minds! They had to work together to have someone hold the string flat while other students helped stack the cubes and then count the total. You can see by the data we shared that some of these pumpkins gave them a challenge!








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