Apples, Fire Safety, & Math Games!

More Apples!

Back during Apple Week, we ended up the week during the ‘Erupting Apples’ experiment which was a huge hit! I scooped out a hole in the apple using a spoon, had students put a small spoonful of baking soda in the hole, and then got to pour vinegar in the hole! They loved it so much we did this several times! 🙂


IMG_3371 (1)

Apple Tasting & Graphing!

We were able to all taste yellow, red, and green apples on the Friday of Apple Week. Our class also got to taste the apples with some carmel–one of Miss Freeze’s favorites! 🙂

After we all tasted the apples, we drew a smiley face showing how we liked the taste of each apple. Then we each colored in an apple showing our favorite and made a class graph. We then recorded our data and compared our results.


IMG_3389 (1)

Fire Safety: Write the Room! 

During Fire Safety week, we spent time in the afternoon searching for different fire safety related words Miss Freeze hid in the classroom. The students loved searching for the pictures and the words! Once they found the picture, they wrote the word underneath. Students could then color the pictures at their seat. A few of the students even wrote sentences using the words on the back of their papers!



Math Games!

Roll & Build

This math game involves students rolling a dice, building a stack of cubes with that number, and placing that stack on his or her game board. The game has two levels for our differing needs–one has numbers 1-6, while the other has numbers 6-12 (which would use more than one dice). Students love this game and it is great to practice 1:1 match, number recognition, and counting.


Number Train

This math game involves students putting the numbers 0-10 in order, and then placing the correct number of counters (or small object) on that piece of the train. The game works on number recognition, number order, and more.


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