Backwards Math & Apple Science!

Q: What is Backwards Math?

A: Backwards math is something new we have been working on in Room 11! Last week, I introduced this concept to the students and they did awesome! If you have seen Jeopardy!, backwards math is really similar. They are given the answer, so their job is to create a problem that will end up with the answer. This really works on higher order thinking skills.

The first answer I gave them was: 1 Apple

Many students drew two people, and made a trade between two items so that they would end up with the 1 apple. Others shared or gave away an apple, so they would have 1. I had either the pair or individual person come and share their story. At least one student prefaced her picture with, “It was a rainy morning and…”. I loved to see the detail and hear their creativity!

Copy of IMG_3245

Copy of IMG_3246
Copy of IMG_3244

Apple Science! (So far).

For science this week, we have been doing apple science. On Monday, we did a sink or float experiment outside with apples. Many students thought the apples would sink! They recorded their observations and we discussed predictions, materials, and the procedure before heading outside.

Copy of IMG_3302

Copy of IMG_3303

Copy of IMG_3304

Copy of IMG_3309

Copy of IMG_3312

Copy of IMG_3310

Copy of IMG_3316

On Tuesday, most groups did some apple stacking. We recorded what our apples looked like and tried different ways to stack them.

Copy of IMG_3340

Copy of IMG_3339

Copy of IMG_3338

As the week continues, we will be doing more apple experiments! 🙂


Miss Freeze

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