We Love Go Noodle!

What is Go Noodle?


Go Noodle is a website that provides teachers and their students with active ‘brain break’ activities that get them moving! They can vary from doing fun exercises to soaring through outer space.

I love Go Noodle because it helps get the students moving and helps break up time during the day to prevent students from hitting mental road blocks. Research shows that students benefit from having physical activity throughout the day, and Go Noodle is a great resource to do that!

Here’s a snapshot of the class doing a virtual roller coaster!


The students love it! Each day, we have silent reading time/ rest time, and I set daily goals for the class to reach to build their stamina as readers.

Having an extra Go Noodle video is often a reward once the whole class meets a goal! Our latest goal as a class was to read for 4 minutes! 🙂


Miss Freeze

One thought on “We Love Go Noodle!

  1. Lindsey says:

    This is such a great idea! I love hearing the stories of the day, and now reading these updates on what is going on in the classroom, I understand what he is telling me! Thank you!


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