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I am so excited to be starting a class website so you can check in and see whats happening here in Kindergarten! I hope you enjoy getting to see some snapshots of what we have been learning so far this busy school year!


Mrs. Kuhn

Pumpkin Week!

Happy November! 

The last week of October & beginning of November we had a lot of exploration with pumpkins! We investigated the pumpkins by measuring height, weight, & circumference. Not pumpkin related, but you will also see photos of students writing lists of their favorite candy on Halloween! It was a fun writing activity on this exciting day. Then the students did “Sink or Float?” Many students thought that the little pumpkin could float, but the rest of the larger pumpkins would sink. They were so surprised! I showed them how people can ever make little boats out of huge pumpkins. We also looked at some of the giant pumpkins after reading the following book:

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.15.16 PM.png

The following two books are two other great pumpkin books for Kindergarten:

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.16.15 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-08 at 6.16.48 PM

The following day we (the adults) carved the pumpkins, and the students helped pull out the seeds, then we counted them! We had one pumpkin with almost 700 seeds! The others had around 300-400 seeds! When the class made predictions, we had huge ranges of how many seeds they thought would be inside. On Thursday, we made “barfing pumpkins”. Similar to the erupting apples, we used baking soda and vinegar + food coloring. The twist was putting the baking soda and vinegar inside the carved pumpkins so the erupting would come out of the pumpkins face! The class thought it was awesome–so much fun! After making observations they drew photos of what happened. On Friday, the class tasted pumpkin seeds. They got to try garlic/salt and cinnamon/sugar. I sent home recipe suggestions last Friday in case you want to make them at home! Cinnamon & Sugar was the big winner! 

I hope you enjoy looking through the photos of all the learning your child has had! 

Mrs. Kuhn


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Pumpkin Character Book Reports

This past Friday, the class spent the day sharing their awesome and creative Character Pumpkins! Each child shared his or her pumpkin, and we read through their story (or a few pages if it was very long). It was so fun to see all the different pumpkins and stories! Quite a few of the books I had not heard of, and the students had not either. Thank you to all the parents who helped with this family project! The students were very proud to show and share! 

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QR Codes, Fire Safety Show, All About Me, & More!

Check out all of the things we have been up to in Room 11! We have been working on tracking the words we read with our special witch fingers and learning how to scan QR codes! The class has been using QR codes to listen to different October themed books (pumpkins, fire safety, bats, pumpkins, plus some fairy tales). We also shared our “All About Me” posters with the class and with our 3rd grade buddies! It has been so fun learning fun facts about the students in our class. Lastly, we got to see the Fire Safety show and learn all about how to stay safe! 

Make sure to be on the lookout soon for posts about our Pumpkin Character Book Reports and our different pumpkin activities we will be doing! 🙂

Mrs. Kuhn


Applesauce, Johnny Appleseed, Erupting Apples, & Sight Word Golf! 

Last Monday, we started our morning by talking about & helping get the apples ready to make apple sauce. Students drew a picture of what the applesauce looked like before it started to cook. The class took two other checks during the day to see what happened to the apples as it cooked. Our room smelled so good! The class agreed. Almost everyone in the class loved the taste! 

Tuesday is Johnny Appleseed day! We talked about Johnny Appleseed & what he did & made hats. The class all thought it was silly he wore a cooking pot on his head! 

On Tuesday we also did the ‘Erupting Apples’ experiment. It is always a hit in class & definitely was again this year! They learned how to use pipettes, & made awesome observations of what they saw! To make the experiment extra exciting they got to choose a color to dye the vinegar. 

On Wednesday we did “Sight Word Golf” to review all the sight words we have learned so far in class this year. This would also be an easy game to set up at home to practice with your child. The plastic golf club was found at the dollar tree and the plastic cups were from Target. (They are a heavier duty plastic cup). We will play this type of golf to review numbers, letters, and other concepts throughout the year. This makes learning so much fun! One way they played was if they hit it in the cup, they read the word and held onto the cup, making the game harder each round until all cups were gone. The other option was to leave all the cups out, and again reading the word if they hit the ball into the cup. 

Check out the photos to see for yourself the fun in our class! 



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Apples, Apples, Everywhere!

Take a peek at our week! We have done a lot of apple science and activities this week! We made predictions to what would happen to apples when they were left out, and learned a big word–oxidation. We tasted apples, graphed our favorite one, and discussed what we noticed on our class graph. Lastly, we made some beautiful apple window decorations using contact paper, tissue squares, and construction paper. During Art class today I prepped the contact paper & set things up so it would be ready for the class when they got back! I think they turned out awesome–the class did, too! When they came back from lunch and recess today they loved getting to find where I hung up their special apple! Next week we will have more apple fun by making applesauce, learning about Johnny Appleseed, making ‘erupting’ apples, & more. Check out all the pictures below to take a closer look! 

Also, feel free to comment or share the post with family or friends to spread the great things happening here at our school! 🙂


Sink…or Float?

Apple fun has begun! We will be learning all about apples this week in our close read book, Apples for Everyone. Today I read the story aloud and introduced the vocabulary words. This is a great non-fiction text for our younger learners in Kindergarten! Also, as a side note, close reads are basically a way of engaging students in a text in a meaningful way. We learn meaningful vocabulary, discuss the story, make connections, and respond to the text. 

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.44.02 PM.png

Today we kicked off our two apple weeks with a sink or float experiment.

We first talked and filled out our experiment page learning new vocabulary words: materials, predictions, procedures, observations, and results.

This is the actual page that we filled out together so you can get an idea. Each experiment we do together will be in this format so it is easy for them to do. I project the sheet on the interactive board and guide them through filling it out. We will use the same type of product for pumpkin science, candy heart science, & more!

Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 7.31.37 PM

Below you can check out photos of the class doing this experiment and recording their results! They did some exploration after, including seeing if the stems would sink or float. (Some stems were short and hard to pull off, but those that we could get off got to see–the stems sink!)


Oo for Octopus & Butterflies! 

Just wanted to share a quick post! Today we made Octopus to review the letter Oo and the sound /o/. 

On Thursday we released two Monarch butterflies with the other Kindergarten class at the end of the day! The class got a chance to see the caterpillars and see the butterflies in the butterfly house before they were released. 

ABC ‘Bootcamp’ circle charts & How to Be a Good Friend

Since around the second week of school we have been working on a letter each day. This includes naming the letter and sound. Students share all the different people/animals/items/words they know that begin with that sound. For the vowels, I go over the short sound (like apple vs. ape), but accept any words that begin with the actual letter. Letters A-C & E are somewhere, but I can’t seem to find them–we did do them, I promise! The students then practice writing the capital & lowercase letters and colored pictures that begin with that letter. 🙂

During Social Studies, we have been working on Citizenship. This includes making good choices, why rules and laws are important, and how to be a good friend. The class helped me complete the chart after we went through different scenarios & how a good friend would react. Students also drew a picture of them being a good friend.




Making 2D & 3D Shapes!

A fun lesson we had recently was reviewing 2D & 3D shapes. We first made 2D shapes with pull and peel twizzlers, then I showed the class how they can make 3D shapes by using gum drops/mini marshmallows and toothpicks.

Check out all of the awesome creations the class made! 


First Day Of School & Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM!

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We have had a busy and fun first few weeks in Kindergarten! I wanted to share a little of what we have been up to! First is photos from the first day of school! Parents–if you’d like a digital copy of the photo just ask and I’d be happy to send it to you! 

The next set of photos are all from the Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM lesson! Last week we started off by reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. The students helped me read the repetitive parts of this classic alphabet story! Next, I had them help me read the anchor chart to put letters and names up the tree that I had written out beforehand on post its. This is helpful both for letter recognition and beginning to learn the names in our class.

The last part was the highlight of the lesson–the day before I had prepped the balloons with the help of one of our awesome aides and rolled up letters of the alphabet (one per balloon) and hid it in another room. The class was so surprised to see the two GIANT black trash bags full of balloons! After explaining the rules, they each got to pick one balloon and try and pop it and see what letter was inside. I went around with scissors to help–it was loud but so much FUN! After all the balloons were popped and letters retrieved, I talked about how in the story the letters all fall off the coconut tree and get mixed up, just like the letters in the balloons. The class helped put the alphabet back together by putting up their letter in ABC order. This was such a fun and exciting way to review the alphabet!

Be on the lookout for more posts soon about what is happening in our class!

Mrs. Kuhn

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